What is obstructing, delaying, or undermining the success of a project
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What is obstructing, delaying, or undermining the success of a project

Working through these obstacles is what we do.

As Virtual Assistants, we are turning the tables and asking our clients to assist us! Our clients have set the tone for this article. We ask our clients to:

Set clear expectations, limits, and timelines.

This sets the stage for our work week and having a timeline assures all questions and inquiries are answered well in advance of the project completion date. The more we know, the smoother the flow.

Communicate Diligently

We love phone calls, text messages, and emails. Never a bother. The more knowledge about a project or the direction it should be going, the better. Feedback and guidance are at the heart of our work. Your business matters to us.

Talk about what didn’t work in the past

When a client talks about why a project got derailed, VA’s listen. We don’t want history to repeat itself, we take a lot of notes and bring suggestions to the table. This sets a neutral tone for clients to open up and trust we are working with you at all times. We are here to make your life easier not harder.

Set the stage for success

Tell us what the end result of a project should look like. Don’t leave out the details. Details is what we do. Open up to us, let us know what research needs done, what database entry items are priority and what setbacks we might encounter. We look forward to conversations with you. Our goal is to create an environment of trust and momentum.

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