Spotting Talent
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Spotting Talent

When I spot talent, I am fascinated and wonder, how can I incorporate this person’s work into my website, social media, and life!  My niece is no exception. She is a talented photographer invested in her craft and equipment. Rebecca Franey Photography, hint hint. She is an explorer. And you will often find her up the side of a cliff, hiking through the Tennessee Mountains. In every picture she looks happy and prepared. When I saw her work, I knew it fit the aesthetics of my website. I want to declare it European meets Chicago speakeasy.  And when I have a little extra in my pocket, I grab another photograph and send her a quick payment through PayPal.  Not only am I getting a one-of-a-kind photograph, I am also investing in my niece’s business.

     Riddle me this for a moment.  Who do you want to be doing business with? Unique is the experience of who you do business with. It used to depend on the industry and location But now, location is not a factor. We can do business with anyone really. I have over 20 clients that I run reports for, polish up power point presentation’s for and even do competitor analysis for.  And they are located all over the country. Which actually makes things easier for me, because just as my Cali people are waking up and ready to tackle their day, my Chicago people are winding down and finishing out their day. It makes for a nice and balanced day for me. I am in a unique place of choosing my clients. And I do a deep dive as far as what types of industry they are in, what I can learn from them and how I can assist and grow their business.

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