The Why
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The Why

Decisions, Dreams and Daring Successes

Talking with a client today, I felt myself wandering off in my mind thinking why does he need this project done? What is the end goal?  So I asked him. This seems pretty involved it will take some time, what do you plan on getting from this.

Metrics. How he could improve this year and make more money. The motivating factor? Finding out how much money he lost last year.  A solid answer from a solid gentleman who’s patience on the why question never faulters.  And neither does his ambition. 

He follows the great influencers of his generation. He reads a lot of books and has out educated himself reading all the latest sales books and listens to all the podcasts.  So, why are sales slower? Is it the products, because it certainly is not him.  He is well spoken, well educated and very personable.  I know someday we will find the market that is the right fit for his wealth of knowledge and sales skill set.

Sales is a beast. The chances of being a great salesperson are slim. I know, I witnessed many a salesperson come and go at my last job.  They liked the freedom of not really answering to anyone when they mysteriously left for an entire afternoon.  No one tracked their time, but the progress was tracked and measured. Continually I saw the revolving door of sales people walk out or escorted out. They had no motivation to do better, their job was based on salary not commish.

But take my client. He could run a multimillion dollar company with hardly any effort. His delegation is spot on for telling me what to do and the steps to get it completed.  Next week we will start fresh with role playing.  I am to quiz him on the many books he has read, and we agreed to pick three concepts and work on them for the week.

I can’t believe I get to do this!

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