Subcontracting out your paperwork
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Subcontracting out your paperwork

If you ever owned a small business, paperwork and billing comes with the territory.  You know the kind. Paperwork that doesn’t require a PhD. Just the ability to proofread, check for errors and get it right.  Let’s discovery together the joy of clearing your desk of admin and tech.

I love to read. And, I do it often because it stimulates my brain and makes me smarter. I’ve read hundreds of books and can detect spelling errors quite easily. A high school teacher I am friends with shyed away from reading my favorite author, Edith Wharton. Why? “Too hard to follow and her work is difficult to understand,” she said. Not for me, I’m not the average reader, I am the avid reader.  How can that help you? Proofreading just got cleared from your desk.

Spreadsheets are key for any business. I use excel to track my profit and losses each month. I strive to do better financially than the month before. A Commonality between us. But why spend all your time inputing data when you can pay me, a virtual assistant with two monitors to do it. Having two monitors allows me to use one to type and one to type from. Just think of all the extra trees, paper and ink you would save.  Still not sure, let’s create a spreadsheet and see how much money you actually spend on office supplies.

Do you remember the WordPress website your web designer built, but can’t find the time to update for you? I have the time. A Virtual Assistant like me, who’s worked on plenty of WordPress sites, should go in once a week, not once a month and update the plugs and themes. That is how spam gets in and ruins a website, unupdated plug ins! Still convinced your website designer has time to do it? Give him a call, I’ll wait. Meanwhile, your site is outdated and your competition is scooping up money you could have earned. Nice to keep on top of these things. Can you imagine spending time and money on the perfect domain only to have it destroyed from spam. Bet you didn’t know that. Well I do because I took a college course on it very recently.  What else could use adjusting on your website? Photographs.  Take a look at your website, then someone elses. Do the photographs create visual interest?  Tell a story? I have Canva and another graphic design program and can resize a professional photograph to give it visual interest. I also have a weird obsession with plug ins and the free ones are just as dazzling.

Ready to clear the admin and tech off your desk? Call me.

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