Are you ready to commit to a new Paid Platform?
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Are you ready to commit to a new Paid Platform?

This journal is somewhat different from my other journals. I’ll explain. I own my own Virtual Assistant business. There are two sides to it, the agency side, where I am matched with business owners throughout the United States looking for my particular skill sets and the other side, which is the clients I snag through my own marketing efforts. I have the pleasure of try before you buy on the latest and trending paid platforms. My clients pay me to learn! And then together as a team, we create wonderful products.

Recently, a client of mine asked me to learn all I could about Podia, because it was tripping her up and she wanted to move forward and start “using” the program. In the process of learning Podia, I started creating my own course to try and learn it. The best way to learn a new platform is to actually create the products.

I thought through all of the ups and downs I have seen my clients and I experience when learning new tech. Here I have broken down the four categories of, “Is this platform for me?”


In the course realm there are several different platforms to throw your money at.  Teachable, You Tube, Podia, Kajabi and many more. I found that writing out a clear definition of what I wanted the platform to do for me needs to happen before slapping down some plastic on it. What is the best way to learn about a platform? Don’t re-invent the wheel, every platform has a You Tube channel to go with it! I prefer loading up the older videos and seeing if the program does what I need it to do. Then make a comparison by at least watching 3 other competitors tell me what their platform does. If I am pleased, then I move on!

Working Parts

For me, Podia was such a win. I discovered this only after working in it and watching videos for two hours. Not a huge chunk of time and just enough time for me to figure out a few things.  Where do I put the start date? Trust me, it is buried inside the working parts of the program, as well as, visibility. Well worth the effort to have the manufacturers of the platform to walk me through it. By the end of the two hours, I had made a test course, took notes for my client and figured out pricing, layout and use.

Follow Through

Podia, I will tell you a much easier program than Kajabi, started me thinking about writing and distributing my own courses. Would it be worth it for around $30 a month to pay for a product that could extend beyond me in dollars. Teach something relevant that at least ten to twenty people wanted to know? Yes! But, could I do it cheaper? Definitely. The working parts are: Lesson planning, scheduling, marketing, easy payment buttons, and making it pretty with photographs, easy video uploads unpublished on you tube and that’s it!


Time and Money. Podia, in my opinion, is worth it! And you can easily upsell other courses too. For around $30 a month, times a year, equals out to $ 360 per year. Say it louder, “TAX DEDUCTION!” Am I willing to commit that much money into this platform? Not at this time. Give me a year to create courses that no one on this planet has ever taken, ever heard of and are willing to shell out a few bucks for! I got this. If you are ready now? Podia is your answer to the lessons you have spilled out on paper and are ready to wow the world with.

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