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On a recent Zoom call, a client explained to me he had another virtual assistant working on his blogging and social media pages. And quietly noted to me, a skillset you don’t have…yet. Wait. Hold the phone. I’ve taken four webinars on the subject, create several graphics and social media pages since 2017. Read numerous advertising books and taken advertising and marketing classes for 8 years. I’ve grown beyond the social experts. Still not his fault. I never told him. The blame of him not knowing my talents lies within me. Even though I’ve broken through the usual patterns of social media and created content and graphics well beyond the experts, I clearly wasn’t talking about it. Even though I get complimented and thanked by my other clients for my work, I never told him. After all, social media is the most fun. And I clearly have fun with it. Again, he didn’t know.

This is where having a journal, a website and updated social media comes in. Consider those mediums your voice. What comes up in typical conversations, me being an assistant is clients talking about their work and their big projects. I’m way to focused on solving problems to brag on myself. That stops now. I could kick myself for not speaking up. There could be more work for me with this client if only I had opened my mouth and said, want to see my work in social media?

But I sat there. Take this as a lesson. No one will know your talents and abilities unless you advertise them. Open your mouth and brag on yourself. No one will know what you are capable of, unless you show them examples. So, blog away, journal and talk yourself up!

Our talents should never be hidden. Shine into the next chapter of your relationship with your client. The aforementioned social media and journaling arenas are all free anyway! You are already paying for a website, social is free so use them. Lesson learned that cost me a few projects, but I’m saying it now and taking my own advice.

It’s never just about a paycheck for me. I don’t just work; I try my hardest to build lasting relationships with people. It makes me whole. One of the ways I create that full circle relationship is by bragging on them too. Everyone likes to hear good things about themselves but that’s not why I do it. I do it for the pure and honest joy it brings me to see the best in people.

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