Keep Track of Your Successes
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Keep Track of Your Successes

After dumping out the staples, paperclips and picture frame nails, I repurposed four small jars and labeled them: Wise Words, Success Jar, Dreams and Inspire. I love what I do. But there are days when my creativity needs a kickstart and I do need to think about the future of my business.

Wise Words: Any interaction during the week with someone particularly bright and forward thinking gets put in the jar. It might be a clients Instagram post or some gem a friend came up with. I love learning from other people. These I read when my patience is tested, or just an “off” day. I even record people’s enthusiasm and knowledge they have at their job. Right now, my physical therapist Alan just knows everything about which muscles to train to keep the other muscles, “inline.” I love that. His whole-body approach is working. He inspires me to learn more.

Success Jar: I set an alarm on my phone at 11 am every day. Just before lunch, and way before any chaos happens that I have to account for later. And I write on a post it every day, something that has made me proud. Whether it was a strategy decision, a restraint decision or a simple pat on the back when I made a client smile or laugh. It gets put in the jar. Then on Friday or Monday I open each one up and read. Then I throw every one in a humongous pickle jar that is a foot high! I have high ambition what can I say.

Dreams:  A vacation spot I found watching Aerial America. A certification I might want to work towards someday. A group I want to join or a particular physical goal I am willing to work towards. These are small and joyous reminders to never stop dreaming and exploring this third rock from the sun. I love circling back to old hobbies I once enjoyed too.

Inspire: Maybe during the week I notice a small business owner winning. Or one of my clients expands their client list, big win! These things I take notice of and read later.

These are my keepsakes of the work I do. If the work you do catapults you out of bed in the morning and you look forward to doing it? Your career is also a keepsake. Enjoy the work journey.

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