People who back your business
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People who back your business

Who are the people you rely on to keep your business afloat? For me my three go to people are my tax accountant, business consultant, and my former boss who is in banking. I try extra hard to maintain these relationships and transparency when I am about to do something STUPID.

Do I have to claim..”Yes,” says Jennifer without hesitation when I am having a particularly why does Uncle Sam need my money more than I do, moment. She is the one I text when I have questions about tax deductions, income and bad dept expenses. She is the one who taught me what to keep track of, like square footage of the room I use as my home office. DEDUCTION! Cellphone, Internet and electric bills too. Without her, I would be paying more out in taxes and she takes good care of us!  She retires, I am in big trouble. I don’t take advantage of her either. I only text during business hours and not often.

I barter services with a business consultant that doesn’t even wear that hat at the moment. She builds websites and does maintenance packages for people. ONE 30 minute session with her, she taught me what types of pictures to add to my website, how to organize my website so it ranks higher too, and get rid of the bangs, I can’t see your face! Once again, my go to! I trust her and she trusts me. Purchasing business coaching is on the agenda but for now, I’m going back to the notes of the original meeting I had with her.

Purchase a car with cash? No. A Hard Pass, don’t tie up that much liquid capital into a depreciating asset. Lease one he says. Robert, my former boss asks the hard financial questions. What is your credit score? Are you saving? How do you plan on growing your business? I cherish his words too. He’s become a fan of my brand which says a lot about the work I have been doing. I’ve known him since the 90s and I trust him. Once again these are the people I go to first, right before I’m ready to make a STUPID decision. And I come out better off for it.

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