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Researching for a client, I found myself looking up at least 20 different fine artist websites. The purpose: to create a base of questions for him to answer and create paragraphs for his artist bio. Website after website proved to be so boring. I was uninspired and getting nowhere. How would I prepare him for the inquisitive minds that needed to know his story.

Creativity comes in unexpected places. For me it comes after large quantities of caffeine and HGTV. They toss around words like what is your process, lighting and influence. I was watching an hour episode and the words started flowing. The questions started coming and I wrote them in my evernote app on my phone.

Within an hour I was able to come up with the most thought provoking questions of my career. Some were invasive, like what makes you so happy? What cultures are influential in your work? And the technical questions like how do you prepare your brushes, were a gamble. What I thought might be twenty minutes max turned into an hour and half of the most interesting conversation I have ever had. How many people he didn’t even know that well opposed to him even pursuing art. Changed him. But he kept going.

So journal. Sit and just write your thoughts. Someone, somewhere is going to be inspired by you to do their own thing. To create their own path. You did that. You evoked change.

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