Chance to Shine

Think about projects anyone could do for your business with just a little guidance from you. On my end, it kickstarts my creativity and joy to work. On your end it kickstarts your creativity and joy to plan trips, start a new pastime or just hang out and catch up on some reading. Think about the joy these projects give to someone like me.

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Know Your Numbers…The easy way

I’ve been an independent contractor for over two years. I pay my own taxes, keep track of my deductions and know what’s in the bank. Although I’ve met up with several clients who do the same, I do occasionally come across people who don’t. Here are some tips for changing all that. Every time you […]

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Top Ten Things YOUR office manager is getting wrong

#1 Buying cheap, I mean cheap paper products used in the bathroom and breakrooms. Those barely there toilet paper rolls saving you maybe $100 per year aren’t worth the rolls they are housed on. can drop ship better products right to your office for $12 a month. #2 Skimping out on hiring a cleaning […]

3 mins read