Can Your Graphic Designer Identify These?
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Can Your Graphic Designer Identify These?

Color Theory

– Identify Color Harmonies

– Hues, Saturation and Value

– Identify the two main groups: Warm Colors and Cool Colors

Brand Identity and where things can be stretched

  • Know the brand identity of each client but also know where to take creative liberties.
  • Use images that stretch the imagination
  • Tell a story but write controversially sometimes to get attention

Nature guided. Notice the many shades of a hydrangea in the summer, spring and fall. A hydrangea can change many colors. Nature is a great guide for color theory. Notice the colors. Notice your branding colors and photographs you choose for websites and social media. Is the look cohesive? If you put all your pictures side by side, what would you change?

Can they keep proportions when stretching a photograph?

This is an important thing! No one wants their picture looking like a fun house mirror. Always ask for references and portfolios. Flaws can be very noticeable.

Are they prepared to take things up a notch?

You like your branding but…now that everyone views websites and social media on their cell phones, are the fonts updated for those types of changes? What works on a desktop may not be as visible on a smart phone. Where does your branding need to adapt? Think Big. Think Bold. Think readable.

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