Chance to Shine
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Chance to Shine

Recently while I was talking to my new retirement expert, he asked me what our life goals were for three to five years down the road. Eight small vacations a year just like we are doing now! Don’t worry, none of my clients were neglected because I took my laptop with me. We actually accomplished 8 mini vacations last year.

Think about projects anyone could do for your business with just a little guidance from you. On my end, it kickstarts my creativity and joy to work. On your end it kickstarts your creativity and joy to plan trips, start a new pastime or just hang out and catch up on some reading. Think about the joy these projects give to someone like me.

Work is also made for us to enjoy. Any time someone asks me to design a new logo, play with their website or get creative with quotes for social media, my heart soars. As an artist, this aligns with my life goals.

Life is made for us to enjoy. We live in the most beautiful country in the world. Are you planning a trip to Bryce Canyon, Cali or hitting New Orleans for Mardi Gras? I can help. Put your admin in the capable hands of someone who can follow directions and work as hard as you do for your business.