Tips on Organizing Projects
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Tips on Organizing Projects

Tip Number 1:  As your client is having a conversation with you, type out the things they are asking from you in Word or Google Docs. Save the document until you are ready for Tip Number 2.

Tip Number 2: Schedule out the projects and estimate how many hours it will take you to finish the project. I use the Todoist project management app which costs me a mere $ 4.27 a month. Desktop and mobile app are combined, what you put in one shows up in the other.

Tip Number 3: Start a Date and Time Logbook. Walmart sells thick 3 subject notebooks that make excellent log books. It’s pretty simple write the date, the time you started and stopped a project and a description of what you worked on. This is an excellent tool if anyone ever needs you to tally up specific project hours.

Tip Number 4: the information from the Date and Time Logbook can easily be turned into invoices or reports for your clients.

Tip Number 5: Keep a Planner. This helps with balancing your home life with your work life. A Good calendar is not only helpful but is also a tax deduction!

This is my proven system for balancing my work and generating more work. Clients respond to attentive behavior.

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