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CRM Software

Salesmen and saleswomen are a different breed of human. They can talk for days on any subject, they can solve problems and take your money simultaneously. Not the case when you call RedTail. I called sales at RedTail because technical support kept me on hold for 15 minutes. What was shocking to me is the sales team, refused to talk to me. They didn’t know the system enough to warrant giving me an answer. That very expensive CRM with unlimited possibilities $99 per month per user had me in tears this morning. Full disclosure, their competition was no better. Read more.

It took me two hours to get half the answers I needed just to run a report from RedTail. For 16 contacts. Why write an article about it? Those two hours of extracting information out of technical support were grueling.  Two things needed to be solved. Attaching an event to a prospective client’s profile and having the company adjust the event with a query of Attended or Not attended. Technical support was supposed to send me instructions on the later. Four hours later that never happened. So I had to call again! If I heard “unfortunately” once from technical support and sales, I heard it five more times. Stop using that word and fix it like Bob the Builder.

The competition. Sales Force. All I asked for was pricing. Nope. Had to make up a company name and number of employees just to get her get a salesperson to call me back! Next week? Not a buy in for me. It’s pricing, not rocket science.

What is a CRM? Simply a database to manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers. Why not just use a spreadsheet? There may be thousands of potential clients inside a CRM, a regular spreadsheet wouldn’t handle the volume.

What would work for me. A CRM that is less that $50 a month per user with amazing technical support and or videos that non admin users could use.  If you know of a good one, send me an email

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