The Magical Virtual Assistant – No Ghosting
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The Magical Virtual Assistant – No Ghosting

No doubt, when I have the first call with a potential VA client, it can be scary. The agency that referred them to me played me up, making me look magical and perfect. The truth is every new client comes with their own software, their own communication style and their own expectations of what VA’s do. Let’s explore each of these together.       

As a rule, for every new software I am privileged to learn, I take a few hours to create instructions for myself. I also share them with the client so they now know what I know. Asking plenty of questions helps too! With the increased need for databases, CRM use is climbing. There are thousands of them! I look for the patterns that are common, and go from there. A Client can expect me to be on the phone with tech support, getting the reports I need for the business.

Even though I have my own personal communication preferences, I have learned to adjust. Slack and Whatsapp are my least favorite because they ding 24/7 and so many spam notifications. How did I solve this? Shutting off the notifications on my phone, and telling the client my business hours. This happens in the very first conversation. Out of pure respect for their business, I give then an out if my hours don’t work for them. I have clients all over the country in every time zone. Surprisingly no one’s ever judged me on the hours I keep. I charge the clients for my time every time a text or call comes through.

In addition to telling a client the software I know and my communication style, I also open up the conversation about expectations we have for each other! When you take on a Virtual Assistant, it is more work for you. Getting me, your VA, up to speed on your business, teaching me your company culture, and providing clear communication are just some of your responsibilities. I hold my clients accountable. Zoom or phone calls at least once a week set up the ideal working environment. Being open and flexible when these calls come in separates me from other VA’s who are too busy to help the people they committed themselves to. I only commit to so much so that I can be excellent to everyone.

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