Why Courtesy Matters
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Why Courtesy Matters

People remember when you are nice to them over the phone. I am a Franey. We can talk to anyone and get a good conversation going. This has benefited many of my clients because I talk to their people too! I am an advocate for their company culture and their company image. I never forget that.

Take a second to remember talking to either a customer service rep or a salesperson on the phone who was getting it wrong. I remember clearly engaging with a saleswoman at a CRM company when I had a technical question. Her response of “ma’am, I am not technical support, I can’t answer your question,” was not only confusing because it was mostly an operational question but I could tell she wanted nothing to do with growing the business. You are a salesperson that can’t tell me how to use it?  To be honest, she didn’t nail the landing. If she was a gymnast, I would have given her the lowest score. Next conversation was with their competition Thryv, who did nail the landing, double in price, but offer three times more adding an accounting element and marketing support.

“In the best of times, etiquette can give you the edge over your competition. In difficult times, manners will set you apart. There are any number of companies that can offer the same services and products as you. The critical difference is ultimately how you make people feel when they do business with you. Manners are the missing link. Excellence in etiquette will send you over the top.” Lydia Ramsey, read the whole article about Creating a Culture of Courtesy in Your Business, here.

Working with people in all states of America means adapting to their particular culture. Texas, for example, has the nicest, most courteous people on the planet. I am not exaggerating. They can take a simple appointment call from you and make you feel like you are the most special person on the planet. It’s almost as though they all have gone through charm school and aced it. Texans, gets it right.

New Yorkers have a tendency to ask you to visit. Come to New York, you will love it. Anytime I ever dealt with movers, with restaurants, with real estate people in New York City, 95% of them asked when I was coming up. You have 19.68 million people as residents, yet still you are inviting me to come and visit you. How sweet. New York City, gets it right.

I get paid to be nice to people. Talk about a perk. When I finish a call, I’m smiling. I’m not cringing, I’m not crying, I’m caring. If you would like to add me to your virtual team, give me a call at 412-589-8602.