Spring Cleaning! Which one of your services needs to go?
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Spring Cleaning! Which one of your services needs to go?

It’s a very personal thing to offer a service and no one buys. Have you poured your heart into the project only to hear “crickets” when it comes to the buy now button? Is it time to let that service go? Let’s explore.

Is the service priced right?  The only way to know is to do research. Whether you hire a Virtual Assistant like me, or take it on yourself, finding out who is buying the service is crucial to the decision of Stay or Go.  My process isn’t that involved but I do get honest results. 

Another option is to sent out an anonymous short survey to potential clients and loyal clients. Short, make sure they know it will take them less than 2 minutes to complete. I mean, three questions long. Here is an example of a survey through google. Free to create and free to manage.

Is the service even relevant anymore?  With technology the way it is, has google or the powers that be, invented a free version of the service you offer?  As a business owner, would you spend cash on a service that is free? No. Hard pass. Why would anyone else?

Do you hate doing it?  I remember way back when I first took on clients through the agency and everyone wanted help with email management. Don’t’ get me wrong, creating labels and organizing a clients email box wasn’t so bad and created a sense of order, much like Cas in Clutterbugs does for clients in their homes. Those were fun. Not fun? Cleaning out 40,000 from one account. How does that happen? The person shopped a lot! Like a lot! And every time they purchased something new, boom, advertisements landed in their box. I hated doing it!

What happens when you’ve talked to your people and they say, it’s almost a buy in.  I would buy it along side another product but not on it’s own. Let’s explore what that might look like!

Bundle it!  You’ve heard the commercials, in various forms for various things. Now it’s your turn to explore if this service could be offered along side of another service, but at a reduced price. I’m sure you are thinking, “put on the brakes!”

I’m in it to make money.

Let’s be honest. The service packaged on it’s own isn’t getting very far. If you chose to bundle, you would be recouping some of your investment. It’s worth exploring. Business is as fluid as a river, always changing course, moving swiftly and carving out a new path. Where you are right now may not even resemble where you will be 5 years from now. If you are interested in my research services, call me! (412) 589-8602.