The Quiet Man
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The Quiet Man

A man who has a hard time socializing with his clients isn’t a failure, he is a quiet man. That’s ok! That’s were a virtual assistant can fill in those awkward pauses, bridge the conversation gaps and start a business relationship for you.

If you are looking to rent a Virtual Assistant, look for these 6 personality characteristics:


A virtual assistant who’s conversations flow like butter. Smooth. No matter how old or young, the art of conversation just happens to be their specialty.


An assistant who knows what’s going on in the world and particularly knows what’s going on in your town. The very first thing I do before taking on a new client is to explore where they are from using google maps. What is unique about the town or city they hail from? What challenges do they face?


Look for someone who has the intelligence to ask the right questions when talking with your clients. Who can steer away from controversial subjects and focus on listening and gathering the appropriate information.


The wise ass, the jokester, or the tall tale spinner might rattle an assistant who isn’t seasoned. Find one who doesn’t offend easily and can keep their cool even while talking to a cantankerous person who is determined to break them.


What is your assistant reporting back to you? If they only get half the facts and make up the rest, it could spell trouble for you. Find an assistant who never tries to rush a conversation and speaks on your behalf.


And lastly, the very best assistant you will find is one who believes in you and the work you are doing.

You can build a virtual team. What is amazing about hiring someone outside of your current location is you get to choose who will find opportunities for you. Also, who clearly wants to engage with people because it’s fun and rewarding. And if you find someone who respects your personality and bring clients to you, try not to let them go. Let’s get courageous together