Cause for a Pause
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Cause for a Pause

One of the most beautiful experiences I have in my life is getting paid to be in a beta group for a meditation expert.

What is a beta group?

A beta group tests out the product before it’s offered to the general public.

What does the product look like?

In this case, the digital product is a meditation class offered on podia for 8 weeks. The classes are live on zoom and the course involves a PowerPoint, workbook and light reading for each lesson.

How have you improved the project?

I built the workbook in Canva. Dr Elizabeth Cronin started it by writing the outline and constructing the coursework. I just made it pretty using her branding. The workbook houses the written lessons, a journal, and resources for additional reading. There are inspirational quotes and meditation exercises I took directly from her book.

How has the other member of the beta program improved the product?

The beta group consists of me and one other women. She was open to talking during the course and is letting the expert gauge how much time the course will run, based on having two people taking the course. I personally have seen her blossom, as well as, setting the wheels in motion for real change in her life. Anyone who isn’t meditating during a home renovation, needs to!

What feedback have you given?

Keep the workbook. I use it and reference back to it often.

The timeframe fits perfectly into my life.

Ditch the music. Dr. Elizabeth’s voice is like butter. In ten minutes, I am completely relaxed listening to her.

Giving solid advice. “The meditation expert took the mystery out of each lesson, slowly walking through each faucet of why meditation works.”

Once she gets a following, possibly ditching podia and pushing the course through her website.

Cause for a Pause

Depending on the price point and time of day, mid-morning during the week works best for me, I will be handing her a check each month to continue on my meditation journey. Visit my meditation expert, Dr. Elizabeth Cronin’s website for more information.

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