Don’t Ignore Dream Projects
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Don’t Ignore Dream Projects

Recently I completed two workbooks on Canva for clients. The experience catapulted my strong desire to create a course of my own. With my own thoughts and a lot of collaborations from strong Alpha Women who have thoughtfully lived their lives granting tons of personal and professional success, this eBook will take Alpha Status to a new level.

It’s a hippy dippy version

What makes the project unique is the spin of having people with natural Alpha Female tendencies. I have personally watched family members and friends nail this one. Through their interactions with me and getting what they want, in a totally natural way, to the way they nuture and honor nature, people and leadership.

The Alpha Woman Way

This product will be marketed on my website and anyone collaborating with me, gets a free copy.

I’ve asked a few people and are exploring more options. It will have workbook exercises, additional reading resources and a ton of amazing writing. You may be wondering why I am journaling about this. Answer me this. How many people do you know, work in a field or industry not any where near representative of their personal values? I know… a lot. This journal is for you. Start dreaming. Start writing. People want to know what you have to say. Digital products sell.

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