Trust is a process
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Trust is a process

Just a personal story. Comcast is the internet and cable provider in our area. I turned on the television, sat on the floor with my coffee to watch HGTV. My routine of 15 years and “no signal.” The day was already getting away from me and now this. An hour later, I called and asked for a supervisor after being on the phone with 2 different representatives. The 3rd woman insisted, “You don’t need a supervisor, you need me. I can get your tv to work, just give me a chance.”

What a lesson in patience and trust. I thought, 2 other reps before you didn’t get the job done. In her voice was this determination, this hope, this confidence. How could anyone say no to that. “Ok, let’s see you work your magic,” I said. She insisted there was something one of the other reps missed. Within a minute and one press of a button, it turned back on. We were a team she said. She refused to take full credit of the win.

You may be wondering why I am choosing to journal about it. Her attitude of I CAN DO THIS, struck a chord in me. She wasn’t giving up on this. In this situation, I had to give up complete control. The remote control. I felt peace wash over me. And in my head, I whispered to her, “you got this kid.” Then let it go.

In your small business, let me ask you this. What projects are you insistent on doing yourself that someone else, just might be as good at? Why I am asking, I could use a new project. For today, I am “borrowing” her confidence and applying it today. If my business ever grows on a larger scale, I will be looking her up. If she was on my team, there would be no stopping us. Her qualities are what most people are looking for in an assistant. The I WILL NOT GIVE UP attitude. Her faith in her abilities, in her knowledge in her skill, made me drop my guard and let let her in. It’s a life lesson for me. Interacting with someone like her, changed me. What a boost of energy she was at 7 am. I think I will have one more cup of coffee first but call me if you need help building a website or working on a new project. Amy 412-589-8602

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