Do No Harm Clients, I am ready for you!
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Do No Harm Clients, I am ready for you!

Hello Friends! My name is Amy Lyn and I am a Business Manager who supports entrepreneurs and business owners. The importance of choosing no harm clients is rooted in two categories: Ethical Considerations and Safety.

Key Reasons I Select No Harm Clients

Personal Safety – Paramount to us working together, I find working with people who are not a physical or emotional threat non-negotiable. The best circumstances, in any profession involves working with honest people who like other people.

Emotional Well-Being – Because I am an established professional, I know people and pick up on patterns. If I come across someone who has a pattern of harassment and offensive behavior, it comes to light within a few conversations. Because behavior like yelling, blaming, condescending language and sarcasm can be emotionally distressing, I select and keep better people.

“We teach people how to treat us.” Dr. Phil

Professional Reputation – My reputation is vital for the longevity of my career. Associating with clients involving themselves in harmful or unethical activities can tarnish one’s professional image. So, I just don’t do it. If a person asks me to lie, I say no.

“No is a one word sentence.” Judith Lasater – Restorative Yoga Expert

Legal and Ethical Compliance – I hold myself accountable and work with people who share my values and principles. With that said, I am not in the business of going to court. Dishonest business transactions will not be done by me. Those engaging in lying, stealing or cheating can find someone else to work for them.

Productivity and Job Satisfaction – I use my brain. I get paid to come up with creative solutions to problems like time management, daily operations and brand appeal. I follow peoples instructions, and love working with people who are consistent and have a roadmap of what the work is. When people come to me with “I just want to do it myself,” mentality it produces friction and frustration. Hearing that phrase is like watching Niecy Nash put her long nails to a chalkboard. Painful.

Promoting Constructive Engagement – Set a good example. It is crucial for female business owners to work under the conditions of inclusion and safety. If you aren’t familiar with the term inclusion, I will spell it out for you. Inclusion is fostering a culture of respect and understanding perspectives. It’s allowing space in conversations for people to express their ideas and solutions in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

We Teach Others How to Treat Us

Again, Dr. Phil nailed it when he said, “We teach people how to treat us.” Underscoring the idea that behaviors, boundaries and responses in our interactions with others set the tone for how they will behave towards us. We communicate our boundaries through our actions and responses. Tolerating mistreatment does no good for anyone. When people demonstrate Self-Respect, a clear message is sent. No Harm. The key is consistency. Creating an environment void of confusion and mixed messages reinforces the standards we set for acceptable interactions in our very complicated but intriguing business world.