Is Indecision Costing You Money?
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Is Indecision Costing You Money?

We are in the business of making money, but with all the technology driving our business, there can be a few backslides.

Here are a few examples of how indecision will cost you money

FAILURE TO LAUNCH – Not new to the internet scene or sales in general is teaching other people what you know for profit. Kajabi, Podia, Mighty Networks all have different styles and function of building a course for profit. All of these offer try before you buy.

THIS ISN’T WORKING PROCESS – Many really good course writers fall into this trap of trying to build a course on the fly. This type of creative process involves learning the platform while building the course. This never works.

TIP #1 Write the entire course out in Microsoft Word. The Outline, the Content, the Quizzes and Answers. Write it down.

TIP #2 Record the Videos for your course on YouTube but mark them as private, as you can change this feature later.

TIP #3 Spend the money and take a course on each platform you plan on using. What works? What Doesn’t? Write it down.

TIP #4 Tunnel Vision. Launch it. No pivoting to a new and improved platform. Just Launch it.

BONUS TIP – Create the entire course on your WordPress website. Mark it as private. Once the person buys is give them the password for the page. Why haven’t I mentioned Squarespace here? Thirty minutes of video is all they can offer without an upcharge.


Oh the organization of it all. People like Marie Kondo and Cas from HGTV have perfected it for your home and this has spilled over into individuals buying Project Management Apps to organize the work day. A project management app is so important and here is where people get tripped up. PIVOT!! They keep changing their project management app or try to use multiple project management apps.

TIP #1 Pick ONE, preferably one without a password you have to remember ever time you log in.

TIP #2 Put all those business ideas in it and use short explanations.

TIP #3 If you don’t like the calendar set up, buy a date book and use it.

TIP #4 Try it before you buy it. Each Project Management App has a corresponding YouTube Video. Watch them.


Maybe you have a few Virtual Team Members and regular team members helping. How do you know when you need to PIVOT? You are just not happy with their work. Is it me? Is it her? There are thousands of Virtual workers who claim to have experience and fall flat.

TIP #1 Think through every assignment. Write down all the steps, and share your vision.

TIP #2 Don’t wing it, see tip number one.

TIP #3 Find a creative. That dullsville Pitch Deck, just got interesting. The bland website you were muddling through just to have a “presence” just became fabulous.

BONUS TIP – Use your words. “I don’t like it.” I am empowering you right now with the words, “I don’t like it.” Don’t apologize for it. Just say it. A professional creative will walk you through your vision. A creative will find a way. A non professional will have a hissy fit and quit. Know the difference.

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