Pitch Deck Must Have’s
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Pitch Deck Must Have’s

Recently I completed a Pitch Deck in Powerpoint for a financial institution manager with five team contributors. Here are some of the ways I helped and tips for a Pitch Deck that isn’t dullsville.

Stick with One Big Idea then drive it home with several supportive ideas.

There were 9 different concepts being introduced. Around four supporting slides for each concept. How I created a sense of unity in the slides, was using the same format and picture for those particular slides. Bringing a cohesive look to the entire presentation. When a new Supporting Idea was introduced, so was the redundent slide. And I did this for the presentor as well. If the presenter was to accidently scroll too fast or have to back track to one of the supportive ideas they would be quick to be recognized.

Problem Statement and Solution

Describe in detail the problem. Don’t be shy and spell it out with proof that the audience does not have trouble looking up on the internet. The Pitch I was working on was data driven.


Showcase key milestones and growth metrics. Include customer testimonials and real case studies. This shows hope, that the concept, the business idea is worth looking into. Show your projections and forecasting with back up.

Introduce your Team

Highlight each individuals efforts and accomplishements in a few slides. If you had five contributors, make sure their pictures and three sentences on their accomplishments are grouped together. This creates a story and also showcases your teams individual contributions.

Describe how the investment will be allocated

Tell your audience where their money will be spent. It shows a great deal of transparancy and follow through mindset.

Outline the Key Milestones you plan on achieving

This is also part of traction. Without a plan, no one knows where you are going with this idea. Clearly define the goals of the project and the timeline. Six months? Three Months? How many people are working on it.

Exit Strategy

Discuss potential exit options for investors.