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As an Online Business Manager, I create systems and checklists for Executives so they can smoothly go about the work day. Executives look to me to manage their time efficiently by prioritizing tasks, scheduling meetings, and ensure they have time for critical responsibilities. We work together to invest in the executive’s professional and personal development too.

My clients count on me in three primary areas: Identifying opportunities, analyzing competition and streamlining communication.

Managing Executives is what I do.

As a creative, I focus on Digital products such as Websites, Graphic Design and Marketing. What sets me apart is my ability to get ideas out of people through conversation. Just letting the conversation flow. People open up to me quite easily. I’m not judgemental but curious. I encourage all my people to be creative through art, writing, music or whatever makes them happy.

We create beautiful digital products together.

Being passionate about life has thrown me into dance troupes, yoga, meditation, writing and being an artist. Acrylics hate me but water colors brings me joy. I happily pursue all of these life projects. Traveling and taking photographs around this beautiful country of ours brings me intense happiness. I recommend it highly as I have traveled to 24 of the states in America!

Enthusiastic and Capable.

One of the most intense feelings of happiness is joy which can be characterized by a sense of contentment, elation and inner peace. Whether we are on this Third Rock from the Sun achieving a goal or simply appreciating life’s small pleasures, working together doesn’t have to be dull. I surround myself with people who love life and I would love to be added to your team.


I would love to work with you!

Contact me at (412) 589-8602

or by email amyfraney6868@gmail.com

U.S.A. Based Independent Contractor at your service!

Services start at $17.00 per hour. Payable through Zelle or Paypal. Call for details. (412) 589-8602.