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My background is in Accounting and Administration. I’ve worked for three Presidents and one CEO. Fast-forward through the 90s to present, I work remotely as an independent professional handling accounting, clerical and digital products. My clients count on me in three primary areas: Identifying opportunities, analyzing competition and streamlining communication.

Managing Executives is what I do.

As an individual, I have a strong commitment to acquiring knowledge, skills and personal development throughout my life. I seek to expand my understanding and adapt to changing circumstances.

By staying intellectually curious.

Being passionate about life has thrown me into dance troupes, yoga, meditation, writing and being an artist. Acrylics hate me but water coloring brings me joy. I happily pursue all of these life projects. Traveling and taking photographs around this beautiful country of ours is a commitment I make to myself. I recommend it highly, as I can check off 24 of the United States off my “Places to see” List.

I would love to work with you!

Contact me at (412) 589-8602

or by email amyfraney6868@gmail.com

U.S.A. Based Independent Contractor at your service!