Alpha Woman’s Course

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Hello Friends! Welcome to the Alpha Woman’s Course. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope this course empowers and inspires you. I have included exercises, journaling pages, articles and some poetry.

The first Soul Essence Key Area is Identity. This is a digital eBook to write in it just save it as a pdf on your computer included:

  • Articles on Strong Sense of Self & Purpose
  • Exercises to develop Alpha Traits
  • Journal Prompts using Strength Traits
  • Poetry from Third Rock from the Sun
  • Excerpt from My Neglected Closet

Take a minute to share your journey with me. Any time you would like to reach out to me if the workbook brought you joy, lit a fire under you or simply sparked a little magic in you.

  • Gratitude Conquers Fear
  • Be Your Own Hero Today
  • Goal Reversal
  • Journal Prompts
  • Exercises on Capable

Download the section Tribe by clicking on the download button below. Each exercise has community in mind. What is it like for you to be living in this world with your people?

  • Who are you attracting and Why
  • Stand in your own power
  • Sense of Responsibility to your Tribe
  • Exercises
  • Journal Prompts

And the last section Adventure. I am glad you have made it this far in the Alpha Woman’s journey. There are so many women out there that we need to connect. If you have any ideas or know of great women who would also enjoy the Alpha Woman’s Workbook, feel free to share this website with them. Download the last section Adventure below.

  • How to Prepare for Adventure
  • One Small Promise Exercise
  • Get Your Head Right Exercise
  • Articles on Traveling