Business Support

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What I offer my clients:

Time Management Advice

Marketing Insight and Aesthetics

Valuable Project Management Skills

Workload Distribution



I am a Rocks That Shine Virtual Assistant that is friendly, experienced and a reputable individual who works virtually alongside a business owner. I help young executives and established entrepreneurs with bookkeeping, marketing, website design and scheduling.

The accounting systems I am most familiar with are Quick-books Online. Do you already have a Chart of Accounts set up? Are you wanting to switch from expensive Bookkeeping Services to a VA? Let’s get started. I would need a map of your Chart of Accounts, or what goes in what accounting bucket and a log in for your account.

When you work with me, you can expect kindness and courtesy, as I interact with your vendors, family and clients. Building relationships is a win for everyone. It is the core of my business model and I strongly believe it lays the best foundation for a successful business.

No matter what situation or circumstance, you can expect honesty and transparency from me. Understanding the services I provide are a direct reflection of you and your business, I pride myself on asking extensive questions and will not hesitate to stop a project if I feel more direction is needed. As we work together, consider me as an extension of your company but not on the payroll. I am a subcontractor and my reputation will surpass your high expectations. My standards for my own life are just as high. I live a clean and fulfilling lifestyle and can pass any background checks.

Competitive Research is my specialty! Are you looking to start a new business? Are you an entrepreneur who loves to work on new businesses every few years?  Let’s research online to see what the market is for your product and or services.  I have a special way of getting this done and can provide the support you need to find out who your competition is.

This could take from 1 to 2 hours depending on the location. I can offer you two hours of Virtual Assistant Services including: Spreadsheets, Discreet Phone calls to find their pricing, and Reports in Google Suite or Microsoft. Your choice! Let’s get started. Call or email me to purchase Virtual Assisting A.K.A. sleuthing.