Canva Graphics

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Why pay thousands of dollars to have a graphic designer “Get it Right” for you, when Canva already has! Send me a photograph of your business logo, or a picture with colors that appeal to you and I will turn them into products you would never have imagined!

For businesses and individuals, Rocks that Shine has created Flyers, Social Media Posts, Reels, Brochures & Website Graphics! I didn’t re-invent the wheel and must give props to the thousands of graphic artists and designers on Canva. I do adjust them to incorporate brand colors and fonts. Here are a few Social Media posts I created for people.

Brochures and Flyers cost so much less using Canva! Here are samples of some of the Flyers I created for businesses. Are you looking for a Flyer or Brochure? I can help you design and turn them into products as well.

Flyers in Canva

Pawssion Doghouse Flyer for Kevin

Jetwaze Brochure