Top Ten Things YOUR office manager is getting wrong

#1 Buying cheap, I mean cheap paper products used in the bathroom and breakrooms. Those barely there toilet paper rolls saving you maybe $100 per year aren’t worth the rolls they are housed on. can drop ship better products right to your office for $12 a month. #2 Skimping out on hiring a cleaning […]

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On a recent Zoom call, a client explained to me he had another virtual assistant working on his blogging and social media pages. And quietly noted to me, a skillset you don’t have…yet. Wait. Hold the phone. I’ve taken four webinars on the subject, create several graphics and social media pages since 2017. Read numerous […]

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The Why

Decisions, Dreams and Daring Successes Talking with a client today, I felt myself wandering off in my mind thinking why does he need this project done? What is the end goal?  So I asked him. This seems pretty involved it will take some time, what do you plan on getting from this. Metrics. How he […]

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What a good client fit looks like:

You come up with similar ideas for a project. You are friends. Respect is present in every conversation. Both of you take accountability. You both feel heard and understood. Differences of opinions happen, but you both feel valued after. There is a lot of smiling going on. You are encouraged to think creatively. They say […]

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