Cause for a Pause

One of the most beautiful experiences I have in my life is getting paid to be in a beta group for a meditation expert. What is a beta group? A beta group tests out the product before it’s offered to the general public. What does the product look like? In this case, the digital product […]

2 mins read

The Magical Virtual Assistant – No Ghosting

No doubt, when I have the first call with a potential VA client, it can be scary. The agency that referred them to me played me up, making me look magical and perfect. The truth is every new client comes with their own software, their own communication style and their own expectations of what VA’s […]

2 mins read

Top Ten Things YOUR office manager is getting wrong

#1 Buying cheap, I mean cheap paper products used in the bathroom and breakrooms. Those barely there toilet paper rolls saving you maybe $100 per year aren’t worth the rolls they are housed on. can drop ship better products right to your office for $12 a month. #2 Skimping out on hiring a cleaning […]

3 mins read