Event Registration

2 mins read

So, you want to host an event? Start by envisioning the space, how many people would attend and the overall vibe or theme of the event. Once that part of the process is completed, call me and we can work on setting up the event.

As a remote assistant, I can:

Research event locations and pricing

Set up a landing page for the event

Create a database of attendees that can be converted into invitations

Work on electronic invitations using Canva

Keep track of the budget

Communicate with the people attending the event

Call people and find out what they want to eat

Set up Tresta or Open Phones to assist with directions and event timelines

Manage all the registrations using ticketing in your event website or through spreadsheets

Prep speakers and guests

A well planned event is a reflection on your company. Don’t leave the details to chance and risk damaging your reputation. I can take care of the back end work, while you focus on creating a memorable experience for your people.

As you can see, there are plenty of small details and prep work required when doing an event. Think about delegating some of the work to me, your virtual assistant. Because, as the event approaches, it’s a fact you can expect last minute changes and possible drama. You really don’t want to be dealing with those if you are the main speaker or hosting a training. Dexterity and problem solving abilities in these situations will make things run smoother allowing you to shine at the event and get to the finish line.

I am skilled in negotiation, online tools for organizing and have a friendly attitude no matter what situation approaches. I am ready to assist you execute a successful event.

You will need someone to track the details. The Big Day is almost here! Let’s Get Started!

Let’s simplify the process by working in Google Drive and sharing registration information, photographs and tracking the ticket sales. Go a step further and maybe purchase a website where everyone could purchase tickets from, register and enjoy pictures and videos on what the event is about. Click here for a cost-effective Website solution!