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Meet Kevin!  A former IT Tech major turned successful business owner. After realizing Silicon Valley was a road to burnout and frustration, Kevin turned to the two things he loves the most: Fitness and Dogs.  I met him midway through a major transition in his life. After working with him, I realized how much he loved business & measuring goals.

What working for Kevin looked like

We shopped for storage furniture and bins to house the various leashes, dog bowls and puppy gear.  We talked about how to upsell and improve the quality of the care he was giving. Taking over some of the bookkeeping, I was shocked and pleased on the amount of money he was making a month. Averaging $4,700 a month for walking, pet sitting and bathing animals!  We took a hard look at the numbers, saw where he was spending and made adjustments. Kevin chose this business because it keeps him active, gives him the freedom to workout and network with great people.

Why things changed

The agency Kevin worked super hard for started to collapse. They started downsizing the platform and he found himself going from making $ 4,700 to a “Mystery” paycheck, which could have smashed someone else’s dreams. But Kevin’s vision was bigger, more creative and he grew past the leads magnet by networking and holding on the clients who trusted him. He never panicked, just rallied.  And brought me along for the ride. We tackled his first logo and he was squared up with a name for his business.

Pawssion Doghouse was created

The proud owner of a new LLC, Kevin wasted no time and hit the networking scene by joining the BNI group near Atlanta. He found his people!  With the help of some of the people in his BNI group, he located a big space and home in Marietta, Georgia to start his own Puppy Day Care! I see big things in his future and many opportunities for the right caregivers to work for him. And the best part, he controls the game by being the owner.

Pawssion Doghouse Teams up with PawTree

Kevin and I have talked for years about the issues I have with my dog’s stomach and my other dog’s anxiety. While attending a conference for pet sitters a few weeks ago, he fell in love with a company with more natural ingredients to tackle these issues. Find the natural products for dogs and cats.