Personal Assistant

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It takes a strong and friendly personality to work as a personal assistant. I value the commitments I have to my clients! I will explain. Executives that I assist, do not have the time or energy to sit on hold with the DMV to get answers, or deal with their HOA representatives. Rocks that Shine provides that friendly voice on the phone willing to do whatever it takes to make peoples lives easier. Here are some examples of a typical interaction I have with my clients.

personal assistant job description

Client: Amy, I completely forgot I have family coming in this weekend. Could you call around and find a restaurant for the eight of us for brunch?

Amy: I will do my best. What time are you planning on eating? What part of town? Any specific cuisine you are looking for?

Client: Well, Indian cuisine for brunch around 11:30 am. We are hoping to be able to sit together.

Amy: Long Island City it is! I found a great place that will accommodate you.

personal assistant duties

Client: I want to start my own business in Philadelphia, PA. I first want you to research if there is a market for what I do, what the start up cost might be, and who is my competition.

Amy: I found 8 competitors in your area, but only 2 offer the same services as you. I put them into sheets in a Google Drive. Are you interested in using Tresta to contact new clients? We can text or call them on in?

Client: Get me the cost on Tresta and I will look at Google Sheets. Let’s work on the website!

personal assistant duties

Client: Rick proposed last night! I have been planning our wedding since the day we met! I knew he was the one for me. Can you help me plan the wedding? Hm, in Tuscany~

Amy: This is super exciting. Let’s go over your budget, I have a few villas in mind. How many people are coming? And most important, where are you buying the dress?

Client: The budget is $ 40,000, including the Villa, food and a band. The dress, I haven’t even thought about it!

Amy: I know a great place 25 minutes from your office!