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Meet Charlise. She splits her life into two categories. Work and Dance. A potential desire of hers? To outsourse 40% of the admin work coming across her desk, so she can focus on ballroom dancing. She is a successful coach, ballroom dancer and promotional business leader in Tupelo, Mississippi. Her timing issues?

We take things slow, slow, quick quick, slow. The Standard Operating Procedures make my work so much more enjoyable. There aren’t any communication obstacles because every instruction for each new project, is written down. I have access to it at all times. She was having timing issues. Unheard of for a dancer right? Getting her invoices out each month at the same time was the first project we tackled. We also came up with a plan to label emails, so ones that were priority got top billing.

What’s next? The ballroom dancing event of the season, in Tupelo, Mississipi! We already have spreadsheets of who is dancing and their partners, and the show dance section that will surely please a crowd. Making sure there is enough meals for each event for everyone who purchased tickets, specialized food choices and the dance bags every dancer receives are being packed as I write this. You have no idea the amount of joy this event brings me. I’m not even going. But I have enjoyed talking with the dancers and helping her to plan the details.

Today, the ballroom dancing competition weekend wraps up. Charlise and the dancers will be competing this morning around 9 am, and I am still getting text messages from people wanting to attend because of Saturday night! My part was all remote. Answering calls on Tresta. This event was such a buy in for me. Hearing the dancers express their appreciation for their instructors and the sense of belonging each one expressed happened early on. The newcomers were welcomed and felt right at home dancing and performing at the event. For me it was a privileged to assist them in their dance journey.

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Any opportunity to give people lessons in chivalry, how to properly interact with the opposite sex, and be a partner will carry the dancers into all chapters of their lives. Ballroom dancing does all of that.