Success Stories!

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Meet Kevin! A former I/T major turned successful business owner who quickly realized Silicon Valley was a road to burnout. His desire to be fit and healthy led him to the dog walking business. I met him midway through a major transition in his life of cleaning up roommates’ nonpayment of rent, a troubled relationship he vows to never experience again, and rebuilding his life. Find out how he changed his stars.

Mahi is a Philadelphia native with an Ethiopian background and is very proud of her heritage. I was so excited about her and her design ideas and working with her my dream client, is my favorite thing to do. Learn more about why it was so special to work with her below!

Meet the Barbell Blonde! Precise direction, established brand with thousands of followers. Organized with military precision, she has SOP’s for every task. Which makes working with her as breezy as the Cali winds she hails from. Her desire was to have an assistant who could take direction well. She has a process.

Kristy takes Tenacity and Grace to a whole new level. We met at a chiropractor establishment long before her dream of business ownership came true. She is a hands-on when it comes to the day to day operations of Elite Massage Therapy & Spa.

Having worked on his former website, we collaborated for over a year. He wanted a specific style. A non-WordPress website. It was a little more expensive, but he was so pleased with the end result.

Dr. Ron Kaiser’s “hashtag” is Disrupting Aging. He just turned 85. His tech & marketing knowledge is more up to speed with most of the 20 year olds I know.

Take a look at the original VISION BOARD.

Find out if Dr. Ron Kaiser got the website of his dreams.