Is Researching Psychographics Worth It?

Researching psychographics involves delving into the deeper aspects of your target audience’s personality, attitudes, interests, values and behaviors. This information can provide valuable insights into understanding what drives your audience and how to connect with them on a more personal level. Here’s how you can conduct psychographic research: Remember that psychographic research provides a more […]

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The Why

Decisions, Dreams and Daring Successes Talking with a client today, I felt myself wandering off in my mind thinking why does he need this project done? What is the end goal?  So I asked him. This seems pretty involved it will take some time, what do you plan on getting from this. Metrics. How he […]

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What is obstructing, delaying, or undermining the success of a project

Working through these obstacles is what we do. As Virtual Assistants, we are turning the tables and asking our clients to assist us! Our clients have set the tone for this article. We ask our clients to: Set clear expectations, limits, and timelines. This sets the stage for our work week and having a timeline […]

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