Cause for a Pause

One of the most beautiful experiences I have in my life is getting paid to be in a beta group for a meditation expert. What is a beta group? A beta group tests out the product before it’s offered to the general public. What does the product look like? In this case, the digital product […]

2 mins read

Know Your Numbers…The easy way

I’ve been an independent contractor for over two years. I pay my own taxes, keep track of my deductions and know what’s in the bank. Although I’ve met up with several clients who do the same, I do occasionally come across people who don’t. Here are some tips for changing all that. Every time you […]

1 min read

What a good client fit looks like:

You come up with similar ideas for a project. You are friends. Respect is present in every conversation. Both of you take accountability. You both feel heard and understood. Differences of opinions happen, but you both feel valued after. There is a lot of smiling going on. You are encouraged to think creatively. They say […]

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What is obstructing, delaying, or undermining the success of a project

Working through these obstacles is what we do. As Virtual Assistants, we are turning the tables and asking our clients to assist us! Our clients have set the tone for this article. We ask our clients to: Set clear expectations, limits, and timelines. This sets the stage for our work week and having a timeline […]

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