Trending New Look…

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Ron, an established award-winning writer and psychologist, came to me with a problem. An outdated, nonfunctioning and spam filled website!  His first concern was how long the website build would take. Through a brief conversation I heard of his frustration with paying good money to web designers who promised the moon and never delivered even a night light.  He was frustrated and so was I when I saw the entire website was in old coding.

So I gave him my elevator pitch of …




And just like that he was dialed in. Based on the websites I knew he liked, I proposed building a Squarespace website. His old website was a beast to work on, coding from the 90s, non-responsive and the font was so teeny tiny, you needed a mag glass just to read the headers. Not to mention being riddled with spam on his blog post page! I deleted 40 pages of spam.

The original website, although easy to navigate and packed with the right products was useful but he struggled with the outdated “look.” So, with his input, it was quite easy to tell what he didn’t want. Still going through the process of adding more pages, I was so involved with his message of positive psychology, I purchased two of his eBooks!

His ideas are fresh and trending.  I’m just the backend tech guide pulling things together. Did I mention at all, he’s 85 years young?

Up Next! Will the hero psychologist finally get the website of his dreams? His own eCommerce page with a merchant account?