WordPress Websites

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Where to begin?

Choosing a stylish and responsive theme that fits you is as easy as choosing an outfit to wear. Casual or Formal. Colorful or Monochromatic. Simple or Complex. Themes come in all sizes too! One column or three. Blog oriented or static.  Don’t worry, WordPress lets you try before you buy. I happen to have an extensive list of Themes.

Next, let’s create a mood board including a picture filled with colors you love, Fonts, and photographs that speak to you. From here we choose the layout of the website. What pages get added and which pages are simply links tucked inside the pages. Do you already have great professional photographs to add? That is incredible! I can work on sizing them to create a nice aesthetic and pleasing visual interest.


Pick Two Font Styles

wordpress blog design

From there we can choose a theme, then decide if you are selling your products online, which you will need to hook up with WooCommerce and a payment platform like Square, PayPal or Stripe.

From there we start building your story brand. I based this website off of Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Story Brand.” Why did you go into business? What needs are you meeting? Make it about them, not you. And hopefully a great base for future journals or blogs.

Let’s make things pop by adding a calling feature, videos, stores and links to other websites. What about Scheduling? We can create a whole page just dedicated to scheduling people in your calendar and customize it.

And finally, going off of the punch list, making sure every page is perfect, spelling error free and ready to launch. Already have a WordPress website? I can update it for you and play around with adding a journal and eCommerce store.